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Designated Pilot Examiner
BS in Aviation Professional Pilot and Aviation business Mgt.
Corporate Pilot-King Air E90 and Cessna 340.
Cirrus Design- CSIP Certified Flight Training and Corporate Pilot SR22/SR20.
Chief Pilot-Cirrus Certified Flight Training Center-TCFT
Mesaba Airlines

Cumberland, WI
Phone: 715-554-0454

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Adam Lusson
Flight Instructor
BS Embry -Riddle Aeronautical
Professional Pilot

608-609-0184 -Cell

Flight Instruction:
Advanced Instrument
Float Plane
Biennial Flight Reviews
Tailwheel Training

Specialty Instruction
Cirrus SR22/SR20/Turbo
Garmin 430/530 GPS and WAAS Series
Garmin GS 1000 PFD/MFD
Avidyne PFD Entegra EXP 5000
Avidyne MFD Entegra EX 5000C

Interested in learning how to fly? Romeo Aviation is here to help.
Please call Sandi to schedule a $185 1/2 hour introductory flight.

All Pilot Ratings:
May begin flight training at any time.
All flight training is an independent, one on one program.
Fly at your own pace and schedule.

Ground School for Private Pilots And Advanced Pilot Training:
Home Study Courses will continuously be offered. Professional Guided Courses and
Four Season Training allows you to start the Ground School Studies at any time.
The popular DVD and Textbook programs have been the growing demand for the preparation of the FAA Knowledge Test.

This course Introduces the Flight Fundamentals necessary to pass the FAA
Knowledge Test. The topics you will learn about include: Aerodynamics, Radio/Navigation/Instrument, Flight Planning, FAA Regulations, Engine Systems, Weather, Weight and Balance-Performance, Flight Safety

Please contact Romeo Aviation for assistance in helping you begin the Home Study Programs and to purchase your Training materials. 715-554-0454

Flight Training will also be available during your Home Study Programs.

Online Ground School:
Online Ground School provided by Derek Metro...

Cumberland Advocate article about Romeo Aviation
Love is in the Air at Romeo Aviation...

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Eliza Sebens Orf EAA Sholarship 2017 Winner
(Sandi Kirby and Eliza)

"2014-08-scholarship   (08/28/14)  449x336  59.3KB "
July 2014 EAA Scholarship Winner-Kevin Korasick.

Romeo Aviation-EAA Private Pilot Scholarships:
A $1000 Scholarship to be awarded on the completion of the Private Pilot Course.
Please Contact AL Seierstad at 715-205-4474 for the EAA Scholarship applications and information.

PRICE: $595.00
COURSE LENGTH: 7-10 hours Flight Training (Ground Training Additional)
EQUIPMENT: Your Aircraft

This Course Focuses on Basic Beginner Handling of Aircraft Techniques. The Basic Training Will Include The Emergency Features Built Into Your Aircraft Systems.
This Allows Your Spouse or Fly Buddy Basic Knowledge Skills to Help Understand and Feel More Comfortable in the Aircraft.

The Course is Intended to Focus on Basic Aerodynamics of Flight, General Flight Concepts and Enough Pilot Skills for Safety Knowledge should a Life Threatening Flight Take Place.

This Course is Intended to Increase Safety Levels in the Cockpit for Both the PIC and the Fly Buddy.

NOTE: Fly Buddy Will Train in the Right Seat / Left Seat Training is Optional

Our offices and aircraft are located at the Cumberland Airport.

Romeo Aviation, Inc. Reserves the right to charge for cancelations applying to flight scheduling.

Dvd's and vhs training materials are available for rental-

Also available are aircraft head set rentals-

Happy flying.
Thank you....


Sandi Randall - Anchorage AK-May 2006

Romeo Aviation, Inc
101 Airport Avenue
Hangar #2
Cumberland, WI 54829
Phone: 715-554-0454
Note: Hangar/Office located at the
Cumberland Municipal Airport (KUBE), Hanger #2

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