Skiplane / Seaplane Training
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Citabria Skiplane $165.00 Hr.
Instruction $65.00 Hr.
Plus Fuel Surcharge and Sales Taxes.

Season is based upon Adequate Weather Conditions.
Please call or email for Snow Conditions.

Local Flying, Grass Strips and Northwoods Lakes.
You May also reserve accommodations on the Lake at the Northwoods Victorian--4nm from Kube-Cumberland.

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Northwoods Romeo Seaplane Base on (4WI3)

Aircraft Fees:
Citabria: $185/Hr.
ASES CFII: $65/Hr.

We have Two Seaplane Rating Course Packages Available:
Standard 7 Hr $2600.00
Advanced 10 Hr $2850.00

Course Packages Do Not Include the Checkride Day, Sales Taxes or Textbook.

Seaplane season: Mid June -Mid September

Introductory Lessons are Available
Introductory Seaplane Flights

Contact Sandi at or 715-554-0454.

Minimum Requirement: Private Pilot Certificate

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Seaplane Slip Tie Up Fees-Overnight or Daily- Call Or text Sandi 715-554-0454

Seaplane Training Locations:
Beaver Dam and Blake Lake Area Lakes-Wisconsin
Barron County and Polk County Area Lakes.

Combine your July Oshkosh EAA Air Adventure Trip with a Seaplane Rating or Seaplane Single Flight lessons.
--Lodging Available.- Just Northwest of KOSH a short flight.

Seaplane Training with Romeo Aviation (YouTube video)..

N5534K Checklist..

N5534K Weight & balance spreadsheet...

Updated float plane weight balance June 2011...

A seaplane fly in to golf and Lunch -Beaver Dam Lake-July 2018
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Summer Beaching-2018

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Woody Minar DPE and Kevin K. ASES pilot-8/2014.

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Phil's Annual Water Day Chicago Party July 2017

Additional Floatplane pictures...

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ASES Seaplane DPE Examiner (Left-Taylor W. Pilot ) and (DPE Woody Minar).

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Don B. Seaplane Training A Day Lesson. 2013--Northern Wisconsin

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Hi Sandi,

I was out on the deck enjoying our crisp morning when you motored past for an early morning training take-off (Sun 9/22).

Here are a couple of photos of your plane in the mist of today's sunrise.

Also, I am raising some foster sons who have only been with me for three weeks so far. Wow, do they even enjoy seeing you on the lake!! Yesterday afternoon we were out in the toon when you took off and when you landed... quite the excitement for the next generation!! Thanks for keeping us entertained ;)

Take care,

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Happy Birthday Rog!--Seaplane Beach Training.

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Blake Lake -- 2012

Glassy water Sunrise--2012




Seaplane Examiners:
Waldo Anderson
Bill Amorde
Kris Kortokrax

Amphib Seaplane Training--(With your Aircraft Provided)

DPE Examiner picture will Gary Duclos and Bill Amorde

Bill Amorde Seaplane Examiner and Bill Frank

Kris Kortokrax--FAA Examiner--Illinois (left), Mark Myers (right)

Waldo Andersen Seaplane Examiner and Alex Savor

Seaplane Videos:

Romeo Aviation Seaplane Flight 7-4-12

Romeo Aviation Seaplane Training - Takeoff 8-25-11

Romeo Aviation Seaplane Training - Landing 8-25-11

Citabria Seaplane Float Change
Youtube video of float change..

Float change Pictures...








Pipe Lake, WI- Flight Training

KUBE Area Lakes, WI - Flight Training






Skiplane CFII- Sandi Randall




Recurrent--Flight Review--New Area Training-- Your Airplane Welcome.

Area Lakes --SKi Plane Training2013

Jim B.--Feb 2013.

Mark M.--February 2013.

Local Lakes--Skiplane- 2013.

Romeo Aviation, Inc
101 Airport Avenue
Hangar #2
Cumberland, WI 54829
Phone: 715-554-0454
Note: Hangar/Office located at the
Cumberland Municipal Airport (KUBE), Hanger #2

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